NukeLeeUs Cross-Country Championships

NukeLeeUs Cross-Country Championships: NCCC (pronounced as N Triple C)

is a Pan-India Cross-Country (running) Championships which for now is open only to Under-Graduate College students with total prize money of Rs 10 lakhs

Team Event

Contrary to what people think about running, this event is primarily not intended to be an individual but a team sport. Each team will have 8 participants. All runners start together and cover 5 kms. There will be separate teams for women and men.

Integrating Body-Mind

All participants of NCCC will get to participate at iRun NCCC Conclave, where we will have eminent panelists from top institutions talking about role of sports and fitness in professional life.


14th October 2o18


Delhi NCR (venue tbc)


Prize Money



both women and men

1st - Rs 2 lakhs

2nd - Rs 1.2 lakhs

3rd - Rs 80,000

Finisher-La Ultra.jpg


both women and men

1st - Rs 25,000

2nd - Rs 15,000

3rd - Rs 10,000

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Other students

Best Movie covering an individual team training for NCCC; Best Article / Blog leading up to NCCC; Best Photograph(s); Best Team Logo - Trophies for best submissions. 

We have come up with this initiative to make a bigger change at the grass-root level. Folks like us complain a lot more than do something about it. Here we are making it happen, ourselves.

Here you will read about our Race Director, Dr Rajat Chauhan, who has been at it, taking on the impossible for a decade. Read more

Simran Kaur Sethi, former number one Tennis player of India, while still representing India, got an opportunity to combine her sports and education. She got 100% scholarship at University of Oklahoma, US. She is the 'event ambassador'. Read more.

Cross-Country running is very different to what most of us think about running. It's not about an individual alone, a 100 metre sprint or marathons and ultra-marathons. It's running format that'll expose you to life-skills unlike other running. Read more.

Why come up with NCCC when there are systems in place for decades? That question answers itself. We need to look at things differently if we are actually keen on a solution. We need to have a broader base of youth being active, whether it be for medals or fit corporate workforce. Read more.

The beauty of the distances at Cross-Country is that anyone can pick up running and in a year or so do good enough to be representing your college team. Your hard work and discipline will show in your results. Read more.

We need to have some order to do such an humongous event. For this we have rules and regulations place. Read more. 

To know more about ranking of individuals and teams, click here to read more.

All of us want to celebrate successful people once they get there when they need the most help while on their journey. For that reason we have decent prize money for winners. 58 students (29 girls and 29 boys) will get an opportunity to win Rs 10 lakhs between themselves. Read more.

Last year we organised iRun Fest to give a platform to all runners to come together. We had screening of running movies. We also organised panel discussions with runners from all walks of life who have done well for themselves. Running and sports teach us as much, if not more than academics, about personal and professional life. Read more. 

Registration fees is heavily subsidized for the first edition of NCCC. Registration fees is Rs 4000 per team. We'll close the registrations when we reach 50 teams in each category, so register fast to avoid missing out. Please click here to read more.

We have taken on a mammoth effort. We will need all kinds of help in doing justice to the dreams we have, whether it be Paris Olympics in 6 years, or even bigger, changing a crore lives in next 5 years. Read more.