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iRun NCCC Conclave

iRun Conclave

We are proud to partner with iRun Fest to bring one of it's kind conclave where experts from industry and academia will discuss and share their experience of how sports and physical fitness has given them an edge in their professional and personal lives.

We'll be soon publishing the list of panel discussions.


2018 Panelists

Sangeeta Saikia.jpeg

Dr. Sangeeta Saikia

Dr. Sangeeta is dental surgeon by profession and am working for the Delhi Govt for 20 years now. She is 47 years old and mother to a 14 year old boy. She have been running for the last 8 years and has participated in several Half, Full and Ultra Marathons.

Running has played a major part in her life and now she wants to introduce more and more people to it. Dr. Sangeeta is co-founder and admin of the Delhi Runners Group (DRG) along with two more. DRG is close to 7500 people on Facebook.

Matkaman, Alag Natrajan

Matkaman, aka Alag Natrajan, Chief Guest for iRun Festival 2017, New Delhi, is a man who daily provides free 2000+ litres of water & 30+ litres of lassi to the needy. The matkas that you would see around Panchsheel, Sirifort & GK are provided by him. He has also installed & maintains cycle pumps. Click below to watch him talk at iRun Fest 2017.

Namrata Joshipura

Namrata Joshipura, a fashion designer, a name to reckon with internationally, shares her running story at iRun Fest 2017.

Dr Sangeeta Saikia

Dr Sangeeta Saikia, a dental surgeon whose smile makes all her patients and fellow runners to smile too, shares her running story and what got her to pick up running. Running has played a mjor part in her life and now she wants to introduce more and more people to it. For that reason she co-founded DRG (Delhi Runners Group) which now has more than 6,500 members.

Runners in the boardroom

Below runners who happen to be successful entrepreneurs, lawyers, CA, CEOs talk about the importance of running in their professional lives. 

iRun Fest 2017 teaser

Here is a teaser for iRun Fest 2017 to give you an idea what simply watching running can do to you, leave alone running yourself.